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You Can Still Have Your Own Garden Even With Just A Tiny Space With These Ideas

Thursday, June 6, 2019   /   by Ingram Group

You Can Still Have Your Own Garden Even With Just A Tiny Space With These Ideas

Everybody wishes to have a huge lawn or backyard to grow their own basil, tomatoes, parsley etc. or beautiful flowers to help accentuate the home. Although most of us around here in the area are blessed to have vast lands or huge lawns for gardening, it’s still good to know these ideas just in case we encounter being constrained with tiny outdoor space, so tiny that you would even think that it’s unachievable to have your own garden.

No one should be deprived of having their own green space no matter how tiny their area may be. There are still several ways to grow your own supply of herbs for your Friday steak night. --You might not need much space, but you would need a little creativity to make it possible.

Vertical Gardening

When you’re square footage is tight, vertical gardening is what you should do. You wouldn’t need much ground space because you will grow your greens in pots and arrange them against the wall vertically.

These are commonly seen on balconies or even indoors with empty wall spaces. Compared to conventional gardens, vertical gardening also helps keep bugs and pests away, and it also adds height and depth to your tiny space.

Hang Plants From Your Ceiling

If the floor space is too small and blank walls are unavailable, make use of hanging plants. It’s super easy to make and would only cost almost nothing. Just take out your glass jars, aluminum cans, or ceramic pots then tie a rope or drill a few holes and hang it on your ceiling.

The plants will give your home a beautiful airy accent without spending much.

Try Container Gardening

Container gardening, also known as micro-gardening is the practice of planting herbs, vegetables, roots, etc. that’s perfect for small spaces in containers such as plastic buckets, trash cans, wooden crates or pallets, and old car tires. It’s perfect for growing small plants like lettuce and baby spinach.

Look For More Location

Tiny space gardening should not only be limited to your patio, balcony, or little yard. You can place hanging plants around mailbox poles, shelf stands or even stair railings; yes it is possible, you just have to be a little creative, and more patient for daily trimmings.

You can also add cheery window boxes to the exterior of your home and plant with flowers or even vegetables. Choosing flowers with really good scents would be a plus as it makes your home smell great as well.

Organize Your Mini Garden Carefully


It does not mean that just because your space is limited, you can no longer have plants or a mini garden in your home. But keep in mind to not go extra on it. Sometimes, when we get carried away with things, we tend to overly do stuff.


Make sure you carefully choose the kind of plants that you want to accentuate your home with and that they have ample room to grow, and is also getting enough sunlight. Do not overcrowd them; learn to say enough. Before adding a new plant, ask yourself if you really have to. There’s a big possibility that your mini garden is already perfect.